Potemkin Village Gone Vertical: Albany’s Eyesore, public nuisance, public threat

by David Solomonoff

Jesse S. Sommer writes about Albany, New York’s rotting Central Warehouse which has passed from one corrupt and incompetent developer to the next for 40 years. Albany’s paper of record, the Times-Union, suggests using the giant 11-story walls as massive canvases to celebrate upstate New York imagery, thereby exuding “progress and creativity instead of stagnation and decay”.

It’s been a year since the Altamont Enterprise published an op-ed wherein I called for the demolition of Albany’s rotting Central Warehouse.

We agonize over an eyesore that stifles area development and which thereby makes renovating it unappealing, but we fail to appreciate that, when confronted with a chicken-or-the-egg problem, sometimes your best bet is to just give up poultry.

No one is coming to the rescue. It’s on us to protect our firefighters, cease the public subsidization, and liberate our daily commutes from this humiliating testament to Albany’s apathy.

Source: Albany’s Eyesore: public nuisance, public threat | The Altamont Enterprise

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  1. J.D. King Said,

    June 6, 2022 @ 1:18 pm

    There’s a poetry to decay and stagnation. Celebration and murals braying nonsense. Unless one’s talking renovation and restoration, hands off! Let her be, Smallbany.

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