Google, Alphabet employees seek to form a union

by David Solomonoff

The myths that companies that developed info tech had a fundamentally different business model to which anti-trust enforcement shouldn’t apply, and that “knowledge workers” didn’t need the protection of organized labor because they were more akin to artists than laborers are fading quickly.

Concerns about outsourcing to overseas sweatshops and the importing lower-paid workers are also behind the push for greater social responsibility.

A group of more than 200 Google and Alphabet workers have announced their efforts to form a union. With the help of Communication Workers of America Union’s Campaign to Organize Digital Employees (CODE-CWA), the Alphabet Workers Union seeks to be open to both employees and contractors.

“You have an industry of workers — the new generation of workers and the industry, especially tech and games, has been growing exponentially with young people,” CODE-CWA union organizer Wes McEnany previously told TechCrunch about why we’re seeing more tech companies organize. “Some of them make a lot of money and are working at companies that do really bad things.

Source: Google, Alphabet employees seek to form a union | TechCrunch

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