COVID-19 bill includes 180-day deadline for UFO report; Doesn’t bother with real questions

by David Solomonoff

I’ve been in a “deer in the headlight” mode, with writer’s block preventing me from posting on the block or social media for a while. Civil liberties restrictions resulting from the Covid-19 lockdown, questions about fraud in the recent U.S. Presidential elections, riots, growing tendencies towards totalitarianism on a global scale, have all have distracted me from the real stories which are probably something else altogether.

So news that the Intelligence Authorization Act for fiscal year 2021 has in it language on UFOs and a request from the Senate Intelligence Committee to the Director of National Intelligence that a report be produced about the phenomenon within 180 days, caught my eye.

On a personal and more amusing front, an early, very rough draft of his post was posted by accident and so I took it down, leading to a “No page found” page on this blog, which may have acted to fuel paranoia on the part of those who already conspiracy minded.

It will take a bit longer to put my thoughts together on the fascinating topic of UFOs, so this post will be a place holder for a longer piece – or several – on the subject.

In a nutshell, the phenomenon is quite real, but much much stranger and more complex than the way it’s usually presented. While governments may have information that they are hiding, the real secret – concealed because it is so threatening to their authority – is that it is real, but still deliberately elusive, assuming many contradictory forms by intention.

Humans often interact with highly intelligent creatures whose consciousness is radically different – just talking about well-known terrestrial creatures – and who may wish to hide or obscure their presence and intentions. The prospect of intelligent entities of more distant origin, radically different psychology and metabolism intruding into own awareness probably has more to do with our awareness expanding than it does with the entities themselves.

Sources I’ve found most useful include this brilliant research paper by Jacques Vallee: Towards Multi-disciplinary SETI Research and research by Jose Caravaca that is taking a new direction. Coverage of declassified material by the Black Vault has also been illuminating.

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