The real resistance: Biggest story of US election is how elite class opposes class consciousness

by David Solomonoff

Biggest story is how elite class opposes class consciousness …

70 million people who voted for Trump revolting against new elites.

Emerging populist coalition of working-class blacks, Latinos and non-university whites a quiet revolt against stranglehold upper middle-class elites have over  political narrative, against elites’ self-conscious promotion of neoliberal myopia of identity and their diminution of the importance of class.

This is another reason why the elites are so furious in the wake of their own predicted election victory. It’s the key reason, in fact. Because they instinctively recognise that economic concerns, and, more importantly, economic consciousness, of substantial sections of society pose a threat to their ideological dominance.

Perhaps the most important act of ‘cultural deviance’ carried out by the millions who chose Trump over Biden is their attempt to re-elevate class over identity.

Source: The real resistance – spiked

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