The Incredible Extent to Which Ufologists Have Been Deceived

by David Solomonoff

Great deal of what passed for reality in period from the late 1970s to roughly mid-to-late 1980s was outright fabricated by government agents.

So many UFO researchers buy into some of Ufology’s most controversial and unlikely stories – just because those same stories were cool to read.

Ufology, as a collective community, has been victim of highly-skilled manipulators for a long, long time. Those same manipulators were experts in the fields of disinformation and counterintelligence. And Ufology absolutely fell for their garbage. The big irony is that much of this had nothing to do with real aliens or UFOs

The fact is, there is a genuine, unknown UFO phenomenon. Whether it’s extraterrestrial or inter-dimensional, I have absolutely no idea. Maybe our presumed aliens are time-travelers. Then, there’s the demonic theory. But, it’s very important to know this real, elusive mystery has been hijacked by intelligence agents who – in the early years of Ufology – came to realize they could use the UFO mystery as a tool of the Cold War. And they did.

Source: The Incredible Extent to Which Ufologists Have Been Deceived | Mysterious Universe

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