200 Postcards/Got Mail Art — The Movie!

by Carola Von Hoffmannstahl-Solomonoff

As Summer draws to a close, faces in Hollywood are long. So many months, so few blockbusters. True, superheroes broke through but the comic book barrel is just about bare. Mighty Mouse lurks at the bottom. Buck up Money Men, have I got a hit for you. 200 Postcards/Got Mail Art? Yes! It’s PO Box Boffo. See– postcard on postcard action! See– mixed media vixens! Aw heck– see for yourself.

But first a word about our rubber stamp star. Little Skull Girl With Gun was designed by Rob Hales and obtained at Casey Rubber Stamps in NYC …



1) Little Skull Girl is looking to make a killing among the magnolias. Got Mail Art, Sugar?



2) The eyes have it– as always.



3) Little Skull Girl wishes she had a high heel shoe hat…



4) Fleeing the scene, Little Skull Girl wonders why Christ and Pol Pot had to meet in the desert. Like– why is it always the desert?



5) Little Skull Girl is wistful. “Will I ever be built like a calender girl?”



6) Oh look! The Magnolias are back. Coinkydink– or eternal return?



7) Humming High Heel Sneakers, Little Skull Girl heads off to school.



8) OMG! Classes are being held in the desert. Must be a Catholic school…



9) Screw the high heel shoe hat. Little Skull Girl decides to let her noggin fly.


Coming Soon: The Return of the Magnificent Incoming! Startling works by Mail Artists from around the globe. Monsters, Magic, and Babes in Toyland. Get with it, Hollywood. Real superheroes travel by snail.

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