Republican D’oh Dept.

by Carola Von Hoffmannstahl-Solomonoff

A Power Play piece at Fox News re the implosion of Herman Cain is subtitled GOP Can’t Win Without Blue Collar Independents. Alas, the latter aren’t climbing aboard the elephant. Fox seems to think blue collar indies would have preferred Cain to Mitt Romney– maybe ’cause everyone knows pizza is blue collar manna. But I think Cain would have caught the Perot/Paladino/Trump train out of town long before election time, even without a sex scandal.

We’ll never know now, will we?

With Cain melting like hot mutz, Republicans are fretting about why specific suits (rather than generic “Republican”) aren’t racking up blue collar support. Quoting Power Play:

Here’s the challenge for Republicans: Blue-collar voters will be key to their efforts not only to defeat President Obama but to hold the House and take over the Senate…..So the question among Republicans is why they are not better situated against an incumbent with low approval, a dispirited Democratic base and three-quarters of Americans believing the country is on the wrong track?

Gee– could all that union bashing have anything to do with it?

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